Reasons for Incomplete Combustion of Biomass Boiler Fuel


The biomass boilers used in modern industry not only solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by traditional boilers, but also reduce the use of resources such as coal. However, in the combustion products of biomass boilers, we sometimes find that there are a lot of combustibles, the ash is blackened, and the combustion gas contains a lot of combustible components of carbon monoxide. This kind of phenomenon is a typical incomplete combustion problem.


What are the factors that cause incomplete combustion of biomass boiler fuel?

1. The furnace temperature is not enough. Generally, when the temperature is lower than 600℃, a good combustion structure cannot be established.

2. The amount of air supplied cannot meet the need for complete combustion of combustible components in the fuel.

3. The amount of air supplied is sufficient, and the combustion is turbulent due to poor mixing and contact.

4. An abnormal accident occurred.

5. The moisture content of the received base fuel is too high, and it is difficult to ensure normal combustion for fuel with moisture content above 45%.

6. The fuel particles are too large, which is not conducive to the progress of the combustion reaction.

7. The reaction time of combustion is not enough, the vibration amplitude of the grate is too large, the interval is too short, and the burning time is short.

8. The ash content is too large, and the ash content wraps the coke particles, making the burning speed slowly.

9. Too much feed, the fabric layer on the grate is too thick, gas and solid cannot be mixed benignly.

10. The feed is small or the grate is thin and the heat storage capacity is not strong.

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Reasons for Incomplete Combustion of Biomass Boiler Fuel



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