CDQ Waste Heat Boiler


Coke Dry Quenching (briefly called CDQ) waste heat boiler is a coking production energy-saving equipment that uses inert gas to cool the coke, transfers the heat-absorbed inert gas to the boiler, and then sends it to the CDQ furnace by a circulating fan.

Dry quenching device has many advantages such as energy saving, consumption reduction, cost reduction, environmental pollution reduction, and coke quality improvement. As the main energy-saving equipment in the CDQ coke production process, the main function of the CDQ waste heat furnace is to cool the circulating gas and generate steam. The new CDQ waste heat recovery system developed by ZBG Boiler is unique and has been widely used. It effectively overcomes the special problems of boiler sealing, abrasion and expansion, and has an excellent ability to adapt to the load changes of the CDQ system.


Dry quenching capacity (take 65~140t/h as an example):

Circulating air volume: 90400~199100m3/h

Inlet smoke temperature: 930~960℃

Maximum evaporation capacity: 36.5~84t/h

Rated steam pressure: 3.82~4.8MPa

Steam temperature: 450~480℃

Boiler feed water temperature: 104℃

Furnace type: Membrane wall water

Circulation method: natural/forced

Steam Purpose: heating, cooling, power generation.

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CDQ Waste Heat Boiler



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