29mw Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler and Coal fired Hot Water Boiler Energy Consumption Cost Comparison


 29MW gas-fired hot water boiler and coal-fired hot water boiler, converted into a tonnage is a 40-ton boiler. It is said that natural gas fuel is more expensive than coal, but the price of coal is different in each region, so the calculated coal consumption of coal-fired boilers is also different. The editor here provides you with a calculation formula for calculating coal consumption, and users can calculate it by themselves according to the local coal price.

1. Coal consumption of 29MW coal-fired hot water boiler in one hour

Calculation formula for coal consumption of coal-fired boilers: boiler coal consumption per hour = boiler thermal power * 3600/coal combustion value/boiler efficiency

A 29MW coal-fired boiler is converted into a thermal power of 29MW. The calorific value of bituminous coal is generally between 27170 and 37200kj/kg. We take the median value of 22.3MJ/kg for calculation. The thermal efficiency of a 29MW coal-fired boiler is about 82%, which is inserted into the formula: 29MW*3600/22.3MJ/82%=5512.4KG.

If it is calculated on the basis of 1000 yuan/ton of coal, the fuel cost of 29MW coal-fired hot water boiler for 1 hour=5.5124KGx1000=5512.4 yuan

As can be seen from the above, if you look at fuel costs, the price of coal-fired boilers is much lower than that of gas-fired boilers. But this does not mean that gas boilers are bad. The thermal efficiency, environmental protection performance and operation of gas-fired boilers are better than coal-fired boilers. No matter which fuel boiler has its own advantages and disadvantages, enterprises should choose the boiler that suits them according to their actual situation.



2. 1 hour gas consumption of 29MW gas-fired hot water boiler

Calculation formula of gas consumption of gas boiler: gas consumption of gas boiler for 1 hour = gas boiler power * 3600s/fuel calorific value/thermal efficiency

We know that the conversion success rate of 29MW hot water boiler is 28MW, and 1 hour is equal to 3600s. The calorific value of natural gas is generally between 35.88MJ/M3-39.82MJ/M3, and we take an intermediate value of 37MJ/M3. The thermal efficiency of gas boilers produced by ZBG Group can reach 92%. Then insert the formula to get:

Gas consumption of 29MW gas-fired hot water boiler for 1 hour: 28MW*3600S/37MJ/92%=2961M3/h

If the natural gas is 4.5 yuan/cubic

1 hour fuel cost = 2961M3/hx4.5 yuan/cubic = 13324.5 yuan

Gas boiler cost - coal fired boiler cost = 13324.5 yuan - 5512.4 yuan = 7812.1 yuan



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