30T/H, 4.0mpa, 400℃ Superheated Steam Boiler


 A user who called this time consulted about a 30t/h, 4.0MPa, 400℃ superheated steam boiler. The boiler pressure is relatively high, and it is generally suitable for power generation and production gas that requires high pressure. For 30t/h, 4.0MPa, 400℃ superheated steam boiler, there are many kinds of fuel selection. For example, a 30-ton natural gas boiler, a 30-ton oil-fired boiler, a 30-ton coal fired boiler, a 30-ton biomass boiler, and a 30-ton waste heat boiler.

1. 30-ton natural gas steam boilers are mainly fueled by natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and biogas, with thermal efficiency as high as 95%. There are two hot-selling models: SZS and ZG.

2. The fuel of a 30-ton oil-fired steam boiler is generally light diesel oil, but it can also be heavy oil, crude oil, etc., and the fuel has a high calorific value. The thermal efficiency is as high as 95%, and there are two hot-selling models: SZS type and ZG type.

3. The fuel of 30 tons of coal-fired or biomass steam boilers is mainly coal, biomass pellets or mixed combustion of the two. The thermal efficiency is generally between 78% and 85%. The models include DHL corner tube chain furnace and SHL chain furnace There are three types of grate boiler and SHW reciprocating grate.

4. The fuel of a 30-ton fluidized bed steam boiler is generally low-quality coal, and biomass fuel can be used. The thermal efficiency of the boiler is relatively high, generally around 89%. The main hot-selling models include SHX fluidized bed boiler and DHX circulating fluidized bed Boiler, QXF fluidized bed steam boiler and ZG fluidized bed boiler four models.

30T/H, 4.0mpa, 400℃, Steam Boiler



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