The Price of the Chain Saturated Steam Boiler With a Pressure of 25 Kg and 20 Tons


 The pressure is 25 kg, and the 20-ton chain saturated steam boiler produces 20 tons of steam per hour. Because it is a chain grate boiler, its fuel can be bituminous coal, anthracite, or biomass pellet fuel, or coal and biomass. Co-combustion, with an economizer at the end, is a high-efficiency and energy-saving boiler equipment.


20-ton chain saturated steam boiler 

1. General situation

Common models of 20-ton chain saturated steam boilers are SZL20-2.5-AⅡ, SZL20-2.5-T, DHL20-2.5-AⅡ and DHL20-2.5-T, SZL20-2.5-AⅡ and SZL20-2.5-T, etc. The types of coal and thermal efficiency involved in each model are different, and the purposes for which are also different. The coal consumption of the 20-ton steam chain furnace produced by ZBG Group is about 2900 kg per hour.

2. Boiler price

From the above, we also know that there are many models of chain saturated steam boilers with a pressure of 25 kg and 20 tons, so their prices are not all the same. Even if the pressure is 25 kg, the models are different, and the auxiliary equipment configured is different, the price naturally varies. The price of a 20-ton chain furnace should be between one and two million yuan, and the specific quotation needs to be determined according to the specific model, fuel, and auxiliary equipment configuration.

The Price, Chain Saturated Steam Boiler, Pressure of 25 Kg , 20 Tons



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