Coal fired boiler for textile factory in India

Modelcoal fired boiler

Capacity35 ton

Applicationdrying in textile factory

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The ZG-35/6.8-M boiler in China National Import & Export Corporation is manufactured by ZG Boiler with advanced technology. Patented design ensure a higher efficiency than other boilers. Different kinds of coal is available for this boiler. Large combustion chamber, high combustion efficiency. low heat loss, High automation, strong output, great overload capacity, strong adaptability for fuels are the main features of it

The boiler engineers of ZG has been provide the factory with constant help in installing, testing, training, maintaining and other aspect. The boiler is operating well in the factory and saved a lot cost for factory


ZG-35/6.8-M is one type of industrial boiler with the rated evaporation capacity of 35 ton. The pressure is 6.8 MP. The ZG-35/6.8-M is used coal as fuel to produce heat to produce steam which is use for drying in textile factory in HYDERABAD, India .

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