4 Ton Coal Fired Grate Boiler In Vietnam

ModelDZL coal fired boiler

Capacity4 ton

Applicationindustries need steam

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Coal Fired Chain Grate Boiler Specifications

Rated Capacity:4t/h
Rated steam pressure:1.25MPa
Rated Steam Temperature:194℃
Feed water temperature:20℃
Cold air temperature:20℃
Exhaust gas temperature:160℃
Design thermal efficiency:79%
Design of fuel: bituminous coal/AII

Packaged coal fired steam boiler features

1.Novel furnace structure is adopted to tackle the deficiency of "bulge" which happens because of direct heating drum bottom.
2.Double wings gas ducts can avoid the flue tube crackles.
3.Spiral tubes strengthen the heating transferring efficiency and avoid the dust stratification in the tubes.
4. Membrane water cool wall structure, high efficiency and good sealing.
5. New arch design for inferior coal combustion and great coal adaptability.
6. Advanced and reasonable side seal of Packaged Grate Steam Boiler can avoid the deficiency of side seal jammed grate and the deficiency of side seal burned out.
7. Push-pull type damper ash removal device effectively prevents deformation of the secondary combustion and grate air leakage.


Coal is a main industrial production in Vietnam and is widely used as fuel in many indusrties. A set of steam boiler is needed for TAN PATH EQUIPMENTJ.S.C to sypply large quantity of steam in production process. The 4 ton chain grate boiler they have purchased was a three pass, fire-water tube boiler with rated steam pressure 1.25MPa. The packaged chain grate boiler was designed to burn bituminous coal as fuel and its thermal efficiency can reach 79%.

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