Indonesia's 30mw Power Plant Is Equipped With a Total Capacity of 120 T/h Industrial Boiler


 Indonesian clients asked us "We are from Indonesia, currently we are investing in power plant, and begin to develop combine cycle 30 MW, please give your proposal and quotation."

120 tons per hour industrial boiler

120 tons per hour industrial boiler

Total Capacity of 120 T/H

120 tons per hour industrial boiler, ZBG boiler plant can provide. But what is your fuel? We can provide coal-fired boilers, gas fired boilers, oil-fired boilers, biomass boilers and waste heat boilers. The maximum pressure we can provide is 100bar.

The total capacity is 120 T/H, what is your design plan? One or more? What is the evaporation capacity of a single boiler? If no design institute has designed it for you, ZBG has a professional technical team that can design a solution for you.

Please tell us more about you, so that we can provide you with better products and services, and higher quality.

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