ASME Certified 4-6T/H Oil and Gas Boiler Manufacturer Price


 I’m Mazahar from engineering company. We are now looking for a boiler supplier for our next project in Malaysia and we are hoping that you can provide to us a quotation supply and install as details below;

For 4000kg/hr, 5000kg/hr, and 6000kg/hr boilers, converted into tons, they are 4t/h, 5t/h and 6t/h. Of course, different countries have different definition standards for the amount of steam, but we can calculate it through tools.

Price of 4 tons and 6 tons oil fired gas boiler

The price of 4 tons and 6 tons of oil-fired gas boilers varies from manufacturer to manufacturer due to different production processes and raw materials selection. We do not choose the most expensive, nor the cheapest, we only choose companies with good quality and after-sales service.

oil and gas boiler manufacturer

oil and gas boiler manufacturer

Which oil and gas boiler manufacturer is better?

As a Grade A boiler manufacturer with a boiler manufacturing history of more than 78 years, ZBG will not casually say which boiler manufacturer is good or bad. It is the user’s right to choose which boiler manufacturer is good or bad. , Only the users who have used it are most qualified to judge. We believe that every boiler manufacturer is doing its best to serve customers well. Of course, ZBG also hopes that more customers will come to ZBG for reference and purchase, and also hope that users can compare with more other manufacturers. Only when there is comparison, there are choices.

Application Industry

Such as paper mills, chemical plants, food processing plants, agricultural and sideline products processing plants, beverage plants, printing and dyeing plants, clothing plants, tire plants, building materials plants, packaging plants, and so on. As long as steam is needed, a steam boiler will be used.

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