25 tons per hour steam boiler manufacturers and cases, oil refinery boiler parameters


 We are sending to you in case you are interested with Syrian projects. We have tender/Steam Boiler 38 kg/cm²/for Homs Refinery Company, its one of sector public companies if you have no agent in Syria, I am coming to China in November so we can discuss it.

Boiler Parameters

ZBG provides 25 t/h Steam Boiler

  1. 25 t/h gas fired steam boiler
  2. 25 t/h oil fired steam boiler
  3. 25 t/h coal fired steam boiler
  4. 25 t/h biomass steam boiler
  5. 25 t/h waste heat steam boiler

25 t/h Steam Boiler

25 t/h Steam Boiler 

45 ton corner tube boiler exported to Costa Rica

ZBG Biomass corner tube boiler main parameters:

25 tons per hour, steam boiler manufacturers, cases, oil refinery, boiler parameters



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