With seventy years at the top of our boiler industry, ZBG is China leader in water heating solution, with hundreds of hot water boilers sold last year. Quality hot water boilers with various fuels are tailor-designed to each client, client's satisfaction is our responsibility.

ZBG Hot Water Boiler is more and more popular every year. Every year, ZBG offers gas & oil fired hot water boiler, chain grate hot water boiler, biomass fired hot water boiler, coal fired hot water boiler, waste heat hot water boiler, circulating fluidized bed hot water boiler... to Vietnam, Indonesia, UAE, India, South Africa, Kazakstan, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Philippines, Pakistan, Chile, Iran, Egypt, Kenya, Turkey, etc. Our boilers with ASME, ISO certifications provide heating and hot water needs both energy and cost efficient.

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Hot Water Boiler Category


Gas & oil fired hot water boiler is a popular type, clean fuels such as natural gas, biogas, city gas, coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, LPG, heavy oil, light oil, residue oil, kerosene are available.

  • Efficient three-pass design, with large combustion chamber, fuels fully burn
  • Wet-back structure, high reliability, low maintenance cost
  • Corrugated furnace and spirally corrugated tube structure strengthen heat efficiency
  • Effective thermal insulating materials with a high degree of efficiency up to 95%
  • Equipped with imported burners. Brand of burner: Germany Weishaupt, Italy Baltur and Riello, etc
  • Easy to obverse thanks to the rear view device
  • Robust, reliable and unsurpassed in its durability
  • Multiple protections of over temperature, over pressure, water shortage, flame-out, safe and reliable
  • PLC control system, automatic operation

Biomass is a renewable and clean fuel to instead fossil fuels. Energy solutions based on biomass and bio-fuels provide clean and renewable energy for large national and international companies. Biomass energy has a wide and rich resources: agricultural waste, forest woody, garbage. Rice husk, bagasse, distillers grains, straw, coconut shell, palm kernel shell, wood pellet, wood chips are the most common and popular fuels for biomass fired hot water boiler.

  • Compact structure and easy for installation
  • Efficient, clean, economical, safe and stable operation
  • Equipped with economizer to realize energy saving and environment-friendly
  • Fuel flexible, chain grate combustion
  • Membrane water wall structure, good heat effect, low heat loss
  • Downside "α" arch, improve combustion efficiency
  • High efficiency up to 85%

Coal fired chain grate boiler have DZL packaged boiler, SZL, DHL, and SHL coal fired hot water boiler for sale. The main fuels are anthracite coal, bituminous coal, lean coal, and lignite coal.

  • Compact structure and easy for installation
  • Efficient, clean, economical, safe and stable operation
  • Equipped with economizer to realize energy saving and environment-friendly
  • Fuel flexible, chain grate combustion
  • Membrane water wall structure, good heat effect, low heat loss
  • Downside "α" arch, improve combustion efficiency
  • High efficiency up to 85%

ZBG offers years of experience utilizing waste gases from various industrial processes can be recovered to reduce energy consumption. Waste heat hot water boiler for sale is mainly used to generate heat and hot water by utilizing waste gases in refinery, petrochemical incinerator gases, thermal oxidizer gases, nitric acid process gases, fume incinerator gases, coking, FCC, cement kilns.

  • All Waste Heat Recovery Hot Water Boilers are made with 12 gauge tubes, 3/4" tube sheets with 3/4" ligament spacing and furnaces thicker than ASME code requirements. All section I furnaces above 24" diameter are corrugated to help reduce the stresses associated with expansion and contraction.
  • Waste heating recovery boiler economic lifetime can average up to 40 years
  • We provide installation of the latest technology and modularized components to increase the overall efficiency of your waste heating recovery boiler and reduce maintenance. We also offer essential component upgrades and field services for recovery boilers
  • Flexible arrangement, small occupation, less investment in basic construction, small amount of air leakage and low rate of consumption for steel materials

Corner tube hot water boiler is a type of natural circulation water-tube boiler which differentiates itself from other water tube boilers by its characteristic water-steam cycle and a pre-separation of heated steam from the steam-water mixture occurs outside the drum and the unheated down-comers.

  • Natural Circulation Corner Tube Boilers adopt corner tube pattern, self-supporting structure, the problem relating to the expansion and the supporting of the boilers are tackled smartly. The supporting structure is stable and compact.
  • The furnace and the descending fuel gas duct adopts total welding membrane water cool tubes wall structure, which has the features of good sealing, less heat lost and little pollution.
  • Both the air pre-heater and the economizer adopt case pattern structure, which can ensure them be transported in package, so the installation time can be saved and seal-ability of the fuel gas duct is strengthened.
  • There is flag pattern heating surface before the high temperature super heater, so the high temperature ability of the super heater can be ensured, meanwhile, the super heater can be operated in the serious fuel gas environment stably
  • The cross-girder grate is adopted, so it has the features of less operation resistance, better grate cooling effects, lower breakdown rate, less fuel leak. And the grates are made by the first-class professional manufacture
  • The fuels that natural circulation corner tube boilers use are sprayed to the furnace, which can ensure the straticulating combustion and suspending combustion, thus the combustion efficiency is enhanced
  • Natural Circulation Corner Tube Boilers setting so that the total weight of the boiler is lighter

Circulating fluidized bed boilers take clean coal combustion technology, is available to burn low grade coal efficiently. Generally the fuel coal and biomass are all fit to burn in the CFB hot water boiler.

  • high combustion efficiency, energy saving evidently. Boiler thermal efficiency is about 85%, 15%-20% higher than the national standard.
  • energy saving circulating fluidized bed boiler has wide output adjustment range and fast regulation speed. With strong ability to adapt the load changing, load range change ratio is up to 1/3~1/4. B
  • clean burning, excellent environmental performance. Circulating fluidized bed combustion temperature only around 850 ℃~ 950℃, is a low-temperature combustion.
  • easy to ignite, and could press the fire for a long time.
  • compact structure, low maintenance.

Hot Water Boiler Application

Maximum energy efficiency, conservation of resources and highest availability. Solutions for efficient heat production according to clients' precise needs: various industrial hot water boilers from 0.7 MW to 116 MW are available for a wide range of application. The hot water boilers are applied in textile mill, garment factory, food & brewery, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing mill, restaurant, hospital, central heating, swimming pool, baths, spa and other enterprises or industrial production.

  • food industrial boiler

    food industrial

  • Central Heating Boiler

    Central Heating

  • Chemicals Industrial Boiler

    Chemicals Industrial

  • Hotel industry Boiler

    Hotel industry

  • swimming pool boiler

    swimming pool

  • Textile Mill

Hot Water Boiler Cases

CFB Boiler in China
CFB Hot Water Boiler Project
Coal fired CFB hot water boiler structure:
The drum directed at both ends the ellipsoidal head. The tube body has saturated steam out pipe joints, relief valve, pressure gauge pipe fittings pipe fittings, Water introducing casing joint; Cylinder bends, after welding have soft drinks mixture into fitting pipe, tube body bottom have large diameter decline tube connectors, emergency put tube fittings etc
3*80T Coal Fired Corner Tube Boilers in Tibet
3*80T Coal Fired Corner Tube Boilers in Tibet
Application background:Heating and hot water supply
According to the special geographical conditions and altitude factors in Nagqu, Tibet, ZBG designed the 80 ton corner tuber chain grate boilers, which are the second generation of large capacity layer combustion energy saving chain grate boiler, cooperated with Xi’an Jiaotong University.
Two Sets Of Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler in Beijing
Equipment: WNS Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler
Application background:heating supply
The two sets of gas fired hot water boilers adopt WNS type, which are innovated on the past products and new technology, the exhaust flue gas temperature is below 100 ℃ even without the economizer. Boilers use three-pass, large combustion chamber, corrugated furnace, fuel combustion fully and stronger the heating area.
 Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler
5.6 MW oil fired boiler exported to Russia
Equipment: WNS5.6-1.0/115/70-Y
Application background: Food Industry
WNS series Oil Fired Boilers of our company have reached the first-rated level of the world in the key technical aspect. We adopted German technology and won the bid of world bank GEF efficient and environmentally friendly boiler sub-project. Imported burner, automatic operation, which save cost and increase the profits for customers. Low failure, low maintenance rate, high efficiency won the praise of customers from all over the world.
5.6 MW oil fired hot water boiler

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