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 Our company is an engineering company based in Moscow. We need water and steam boilers equipment.

I. General Requirements

General requirements for the installation and supply

These boilers are planned to be installed in freestanding boiler

Climatological data of the construction

area for the calculation of the characteristic modes of boiler adopted in accordance with the joint venture

131.13330.2012 "Building Climatology"

- absolutely minimum temperature in winter - minus 53,2 ° C;

sredneraschetnaya outside air temperature of the coldest five days security 0.92 - minus 43,7 ° C;

- the estimated outside air temperature of the coldest month - minus 24,9 ° C;

- average winter temperature of the heating period - minus 9,7 ° C;

- the estimated outside air temperature in summer - +15 ° C;

- absolute maximum temperature - +36 ° C;

- District - neseysmichny;

duration of the heating period, an average daily temperature of ≤ 10 ° C - 265 days.

Equipment boiler operating mode non-stop, year-round. consumers which is carried out by the heat supply boiler reliability of the first category.

In accordance with SP 89.13330.2012 "Boilers" (Sec. 4.8) by boiler reliability supply of heat energy to consumers of the first category, as It is the only source of heat energy of the complex. Boilers are placed in the boiler room of the projected boiler №1. By setting made three (3) boiler. The boilers are designed to generate superheated steam with nominal parameters of 4.5 MPa (g.) 450 ° C with the work on the general boiler collector superheated steam. Feed water is supplied from the atmospheric deaerators general boiler feedwater from the feedwater header. Parameters feedwater prior boilers Pp = 6.0 MPa, tp = 104 ° C. Flue gas from the boiler of each pair is carried out in the individual stack height of 50 m, an inner diameter of the mouth 1.7 m. The supplier must be ensured complete delivery of three (3) energy steam drum stationary vertical tube boiler with natural circulation gas tight performance medium pressure working under underpressure nominal steam capacity of 60 t / h with fresh steam pressure 4.5 MPa (gage .) superheat temperature of 450 ° C and all the necessary auxiliary systems to ensure reliable and efficient operation of the equipment.

SZS oil & gas fired steam boilers.jpg

SZS oil & gas fired steam boilers

II. Performance Boiler Plant

1 Nominal steam production:60 t / h

2 load changes from a nominal range:20-110%

3 Ratings fresh steam in steam power output range of variation from 20 to

100% of nominal (operating on the main and backup gas):

- Pressure, MPa (g.):4.5 *

temperature, ∞ FROM:450 *

4 feedwater ovepressure MPa (g):6.0

5 Feed water temperature (at inlet to the boiler) ∞ FROM:104

6 Guarantee value gross efficiency for operation with a nominal steam output (when burning the primary fuel),% not less:94.1

Does your company produce such reactors? Could you prepare commercial offer and technical description?

Yes, there is no problem, we can provide 60 tons of medium pressure steam boiler. Regarding the commercial quotation and technical parameters of the 60T/h medium-pressure steam boiler, it depends on the specific boiler model selected by the customer. ZBG 60T/H steam boilers are classified into 60t/h gas-fired steam boilers, 60t/h oil-fired steam boilers, 60t/h coal-fired steam boilers, 60t/h biomass steam boilers, and 60t/h waste heat steam boilers. Each of our fuels is divided into a variety of boiler types, and different boiler types have different price parameters. The price of a 60-ton boiler is generally above 500,000 USD. Please communicate with our business manager for the specific price.

China 60 Tons Per Hour Steam Boiler Manufacturer

The 60T/h steam boiler is an important equipment for cogeneration. The initial investment cost is tens of millions and the amount is huge. Therefore, users must be cautious when choosing boiler manufacturers. The quality of boilers from large manufacturers is guaranteed and after-sales Very good, companies must choose boiler products from regular manufacturers.

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