Coal fired Boiler

The coal fired boilers produced by our company are strictly according to the environmental protection standard, which are in the leading level of boiler industry, have reached the advanced world level. The products can meet the different needs of customers with advantages such as high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, strong overload ability, wide coal adaptability, reliable performance, etc. The coal fired boilers includes chain grate boiler, circulating fluidized bed boiler, and the evaporating capacity can reach to 750 t/h, which can meet the needs of various industries. They are widely used in thermal power plants, Industrial enterprises, chemical factories, pharmaceutical factories, universities, etc

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External CFB Coal fired Boiler

External Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler
External CFB Coal fired Boiler
  • Power-saving, coal-saving, less-wear
  • Excellent fuel crusher and screening system
  • Low bed pressure operation,high combustion efficiency
  • Low-resistance bell-type hood
  • Advanced automatically adjusted back feeder
  • Whirlwind separator of low resistance, high efficiency
  • Strong adaptability for fuels
  • Low operation cost
  • High desulfuration efficiency
  • Energy conservation and environmental protection
External CFB Boiler Structure

Patented automatically adjusted back feeder of high flow rate and low-power, the cycle combustion system that's composed by bell hood, super high efficiency cyclone separator and materials returned device can save power consumption for customers. Advanced membrane water wall structure.There is almost no wear and tear on the heating surface, the annual running time was up to 8000hours.

External CFB Boiler Structure

Inner CFB Coal fired Boiler

Inner Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler
Inner Circulating Fluidized Bed Coal fired Boiler Advantages
  • High efficiency, stable operation
  • Excellent desulfuration efficiency
  • lower price than Outside CFB Boiler
  • Grading air supply, low NOX emissions
  • Strong adaptability for fuels
  • Standard less wear design
  • Advanced wear design, low maintenance rate
  • Simple fuel preproccess system
  • Clean and environmental protection
  • Energy conservation and environmental protection
Inner CFB Boiler Structure

The use of membrane water cooling wall to layout the combustion chamber, separator and fly back feeding system into one, the separator has unique structural design. The wear-resisting design has applied a number of measures. Increase the separation of spiral diff-user inlet and offset center tube.Optimize the burning equipment, slag drop tube, water system.

Inner CFB Boiler Structure

Chain Grate Coal Fired Boiler

Chain Grate Coal Fired Boiler
Chain Grate Coal Boiler Advantages
  • High combustion efficiency
  • Better air seal and no distortion in the setting
  • High overload capacity
  • Strong adaptability for fuels
  • New type grate bars, long service life
  • Simple operation, easy to maintenance
  • Few harmful gas discharge
  • Advanced wind adjustment structure
  • Quick set up, low operation cost
  • Energy conservation and environmental protection
Chain Grate Coal Boiler Structure

The newest research product downside "a" structure makes the lean coal combustion easier and it can adjust itself to a wide range of coal types are available. Membrane water wall structure to ensure the seal ability of the furnace and improve the boiler efficiency. Advanced and reasonable grate to ensure fully fuel combustion and enhance the overload capacity.Excellent grate bars can serve for longer time.

Chain Grate Coal Boiler Structure

Coal fired Boiler Application

  • food industrial Coal fired boiler

    food industrial

  • Central Heating Coal fired boiler

    Central Heating

  • Chemicals Industrial Coal fired boiler

    Chemicals Industrial

  • Hotel industry Coal fired boiler

    Hotel industry

  • swimming pool Coal fired boiler

    swimming pool

  • alt=

    Textile Mill

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