Sinter-Cooler Waste Heat System Boiler

ModelSinter-Cooler Waste Heat Boiler

Capacity5 MW

Applicationcompany power generation

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sinter-cooler waste heat boiler for power plant in steel company

There are two sets of 130M2 sinter machines in Kunming Steel Company, only very little of its waste heat in low temperature of 300℃~400℃ flue gas was utilized in steam supply in life and production, the utilization of waste heat was less than 25%, and the most part was wasted. But since 2006, the company cooperated with our company and began to the project of 5MW sintering low temperature waste heat recovery for power generation research, in the project, engineers assumed to fully use the waste heat for steam and power generation. In 2008, a set of low temperature waste heat power plant was put into effect. By now, the power plant generates large amounts of electricity and saves 12,908ton coals, which saves almost 20 million dollars every year. The vertical waste heat boiler realizes a 70% utilization of flue gas waste heat.


Energy saving and emissions reduction is a major strategic task that faced by the current enterprises. Kunming Steel Company actively develops and applies advanced technologies to realized the target and improve steel production efficiency. A 5MW sinter-cooler waste heat recovery system boiler is a special equipment that can recovery the low temperature flue gas waste heat in the sintering process and then the waste heat be reused for company power generation.

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