600 t/d Glass Kiln Waste Heat Boiler for Steam Generation

Modelglass kiln waste heat boiler

Capacity600 ton

Applicationpower generation, production and daily used steam

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The 600 t/d waste heat recovery boiler can reuse the waste heat from the processing, make full use of the flue gas heat recovery potential. The effective utilization of waste heat in glass production has become an effective way to reduce the comprehensive energy consumption of glass production.

The overall layout of float glass kiln waste heat boiler overcomes the downsides of the traditional vertical, natural circulation waste heat boilers. They have the features of long service life, easy operation and maintain, safety, stable and cost saving.


Glass industry consumes huge energy every year and during the production large amounts of heat loss and waste heat are produced. While our 600 t/d glass kiln waste heat boiler can further the utilization of the waste heat more than 70%, so the waste heat can be almost fully used to generate the needed steam or power.

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