1 Ton Gas Fired Boiler for Food Industry

ModelWNS gas fired boiler

Capacity1 ton

Applicationfood processing

case case case


Gas steam boiler specification

Steam capacity: 1 t/h
Steam pressure: 1.0 MPa
Steam temperature: 184 ℃
Feeding water temperature:20 ℃
Design efficiency: 88.3 %
Design fuel: natural gas

Food industry 1 ton gas boiler features

The fire tube type WNS1-1.0-Q is an automatic horizontal gas fired packaged boiler, one sub-project of World Bank GEF High Efficiency Boiler Project, introducing Germany technology, its main technical parameters have reached world leading level. It adopts three-pass wet-back structure, high efficiency and saves big money on boiler maintenance. Equipped with fully automatically control device and security protection, this boiler could activate the alarm that water level, emergency stop, steam pressure, auto-starting and adjusting in combustion.
Natural gas as a clean and high value energy is popular among food industry, according the food supplier’s demand, we design the 1 ton natural gas steam boiler, natural gas is sprayed out from the combustion chamber, the fuel could burn in furnace by plus pressure with starting-fire first.


Gas fired steam boiler is widely used in smaller industry as a high efficiency and environmental friendly equipment. With capacity of 1-20 ton, the gas fired steam boiler can meed different need of industries. In May, 2015, a food company consulted and ordered 1 set of gas fired steam boiler for its food processing. Its main business scopes are candy, chocolate, preserved fruit, and other sugar manufacturing. A food industry gas fired steam boiler can supply high temperature high pressure steam in food manufacturing and processing.

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