Paper Mill 45 Ton CFB Steam Boiler

ModelCoal fired CFB boiler

Capacity45 ton

ApplicationPaper mill

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Project: DHX45-1.6-H coal fired CFB boiler
Application area: providing steam for paper making
Project site: Hubei, China

The Baoli Paper Industry Co., Ltd. is a famous company with long history and rich experience in paper-making. The company purchased one set of 45 ton/hr steam boiler from our company in 2012, after months of installation and debugging, it successfully came into use in Jan. 2013. Now, the coal firing CFB boiler is working well and continuously producing steam for its production.




45 TPH CFB steam boiler parameters:

Rated capacity: 45ton/hr
Rated pressure: 1.6MPa
Rated steam temperature: 204℃
Feedwater temperature: 1.4℃
Design fuel: brown coal


Coal firing CFB steam boiler technical features:

1. Furnace exit equipped with parallel high temperature cyclone separator makes the machine run stably and have a high rate of separation.
2. Whirlwind pipes produced by imported refractory steel have the advantages of high temperature resistance and worn-out resistance high pressure steam boiler.
3. Return feeder uses U-type non mechanical valves automatically to reach the balance between feeding rate and feeding back rate.
4. Large air cap is set for slag tube to avoid the slag pipe blocking.
5. Abrasion-proof device is equipped in the both of water-cooling wall tube and smokestack tube to guarantee the working life of the heating surface.
6. Fluidized bed furnace and cyclone separator adopt fluidized bed worn-resisting mould brick and worn-resisting casting material so that the machine operate safely for a long term.

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