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What are the advantages of vacuum hot water boiler


Externally looked,the lower part of vacuum hot water boiler is same as the ordinary hot water boiler’s,the upper part is vacuum steam chamber,the heat exchanger is inserted in it.In the following sec

How to ensure the operation safety of industrial autoclave


With the development of the era,autoclaves for the production of new building materials is becoming more and more popular.Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd,as the biggest pressure vessel manufacturer in centr

What affects the heating capacity of vacuum hot water boiler


The vacuum hot water boiler manifests its characteristics: reliable in design, steady in operation, and no requirement for supplement of heating medium water.As a new type of industrial boiler,many pe

The solutions of industrial water boiler water evaporation


When the water evaporation of industrial hot water boiler occurs,we should actively looks for the reasons and the corresponding solutions to extend its thermal efficiency. In the last article,the reas

The water evaporation reasons of industrial hot water boiler


For the hot industrial hot water boiler of same tonnage,the more hot water output means the higher thermal efficiency,however,in the actual operation,the water evaporation leads to the difference betw

How to avoid the fouling of gas hot water boiler


Gas fired hot water boiler,as one kind of environmental protection industrial boiler,gets gradually the favor of market and people because of the more strict national environmental standards.However,a

How to judge the thermal efficiency of coal fired boiler


In the actual operation of coal fired boiler, the thermal efficiency relates directly to the energy conservation,some simple methods can be used to distinguish the thermal efficiency of coal-fired boi

The energy saving ways of horizontal coal fired boiler


Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd,as the largest production base of industrial boiler in central and western regions,runs through the concept of energy saving in boiler design and production since 1945,her ho

Some knowledge about the seal ring of autoclave


The sealing ring of autoclave,as the special rubber sealing part,is installed in the flange seal groove of kettle door,its working principle is that the external supply of steam pressurize the seal po

The safety accessories of industrial hot water boiler


In order to the safety operation of industrial hot water boiler,enterprises using boilers must strictly abide by the operating rules,and the safety accessories is also necessary,the functions of acces

The positive pressure combustion of industrial gas boiler


According to the data of Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd,industrial gas boiler,has been increasingly accepted and applied in recent years,in order to the better application of industrial gas boilers,the tex

The operation specifications of industrial hot water boiler


Industrial hot water boiler,as one kind of important industrial boilers,must be operated base on relevant operation specifications,the following ones are given by Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd.

The considerations about selecting a industrial diesel boiler


Industrial diesel boiler,compared with the traditional industrial boilers,has great advantage in saving energy and protecting environment.Enterprises from all walks of life begin to use it,the related

Reasons why hot water boilers coke


Hot water boiler,as one kind of industrial boiler,the function of which is providing hot water for industrial production.In so many boiler failures,boiler coking is very harmful,such as causing water

Maintenance of heating boiler after stopping heating


with the temperature becomes warmer,nationwide heating of the industrial boiler has been stopped,heating boiler functioning about 5 months will usher the sleeping time about 7 months,then,it will go t

How to protect the superheater of industrial boiler


steam power equipment,most of the industrial boilers have the superheater,its working condition not only decides the quality of the main steam,but also affects the normal operation of the industrial b

Why steam boiler must be cleaned regularly


Steam boiler may grow the incrustation, corrosion and other problems after a period of operation.Boiler scale is very harmful,may lead to the explosion of the boiler.So,it is necessary to clean the st

Methane for gas fired boiler


What is methane Biogas ,also known as methane is a kind of flammable gas generating from organic matter in anaerobic conditions, through the fermentation of microorganism. Because the gas was first di

where to buy a best steam boiler?


Purchasing a steam is not so easy since is such a big deal. where to buy a best steam boiler must be a hot topic concerned by many people. Here this article is will provide you some tips on where to b

ZG gas boiler is leading with high efficiency


ZG produce two different types of gas boiler: 1.1 Horizontal gas fired boiler-WNS series 1.2 gas fired water-tube boiler-SNS series .Each them has their own advantages

How does an industrial boiler work?


An industrial boiler is water containing vessel which transfers heat from a fuel source (oil, gas, coal) into steam which is piped to a point where it can be used to run production equipment, to steri

Why biomass fired boiler is so popular?


Energy solutions based on biomass and bio-fuels provide clean and renewable energy for large national and international companies. Green-thinking companies are now using bio fuels to mitigate the impa

ZG Biomass Fired Chain Grate Boiler is on hot sale


As the development of industry, the environment become worse and worse. The greenhouse makes the temperature rise, the air becomes hard to breath, the water can not be used directly. Green-thinking co

Biomass Fired Boilers for sale


as biomass fired boilers are so popular recently ,this news will bring you some details of biomass fired boilers which are on hot sale.

How to Protect a Burner of Fuel Boiler


As a kind of high temperature and high pressure boiler heat equipment, once industrial boiler appears quality problem, public safety will concerned , so the consequences will be severe. You should kee

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