Bangladesh Steam Boiler Will Be Used to Produce Steam of Pharmaceuticals Standard


Pharmaceutical factory steam boiler equipment

1. Name of Machine: Steam Boiler.

2. Quantity: 01 (one) No

3. Capacity: 02 (two) Ton

4. Application: This machine will be used to produce steam of Pharmaceuticals standard. All types of safety devices must be furnished with boiler. This machine must be cGMP standard.

5. Dimension of the Machine: Should be required.

6. Power Supply: 440 volts ± 20 volts, 3 phases.

7. Frequency: 50 Hz

8. Control: PLC and Electrical.

9. Safety: Machine must comply with standard safety guard.

10. Sound label: Not more than 7 db

11. Maintenance: Machine should be easy accessibility to each section for fast and efficient maintenance operation.

12. Cleaning: Machine should be easy cleaning facility in all parts.

13. Earthling: Machine should be standard earthling network.

14. Qualification: All gauges (if any) to be pre- calibrated and certificate to be available with the manual.

15. Manuals: The following manuals and drawing to be available.

a) Installation manual.

b) Operational manual.

c) Control logic.

d) Logic flow diagram.

e) Serving manual.

f) Routine maintenance schedule and change parts.

g) All necessary drawings

h) Faulty and Remedy guide line.

i) List of error and remedy.

16. FAT: Factory Acceptance test to be performed at supplier’s site for 2 persons.

17. SAT: Installation and commissioning to be done along with SAT at buyers.

18. Spare: Two years spare to be provided.

19. Shipment: By Sea/ Land.

20. Warranty: Two years for service and parts.

21. Performance Guaranty: 10% of C&F value for 18 month.

22. Price: Required.

23. User’s list in Bangladesh should be mentioned.

gas fired steam boilers

gas fired steam boilers

ZBG Two Sets of Gas Fired Steam Boilers In Bangladesh Textile Industry

In January 2016, ZG Group signed a contract with CMT, a textile company in Bangladesh. The CMT ordered two sets of gas fired steam boiler for providing steam in textile processing. In the middle of April, the manufacturing of 1 ton and 2 ton gas fired steam boiler were finished, and shipped to Bangladesh. In the end of May, the two sets of steam boilers were installed and will be put into operation soon.

1 TPH & 2 TPH Gas Fired Steam Boiler For Textile Mill:

The gas fired steam boilers belong to WNS series fire tube type boiler. WNS series boiler is fast-assembly installation boiler and it mainly consists of boiler proper, interconnecting flue, burner, steam&water system, meters, economizer and condenser (optional). It has the advantages such as clean combustion, no pollution in the emission, easy operation, high output and so on. The 1 TPH & 2 TPH gas fired steam boiler will be installed in CMT textile mill, to provide the required steam in textile processing.

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