3600 KG/HR Dual Fuel Boiler in Bangladesh


One of our bona-fide customers wants to procure Duel Fuel fired Boiler of 3600 KG/HR.locally by our mutual understanding.We have good relation with customer. If you are interested to do Business with us please quote your technical & price offer up to Chittagong, Bangladesh as soon as possible.

Hello, we can do 3600 kg/hr dual fuel boiler, but please tell me the following questions:

  1. Is the boiler used for production or heating?
  2. Do you need steam boiler or hot water boiler?
  3. Which kind of fuel do you plan to burn, natural gas, diesel, coal, biomass, or other?
  4. what's your requirement about the steam pressure or temperature?

Oil and Gas Dual Fuel Boiler

Oil and Gas Dual Fuel Boiler

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Coal-fired biomass dual-fuel boiler

Coal-fired biomass dual-fuel boiler

3600 KG/HR, Dual Fuel Boiler,Bangladesh



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