Maintenance of Automatic Gas Boiler During Operation


Warm reminder from ZBG Boiler Group: Automatic gas boilers should be thoroughly inspected every 6 months or less in operation.

(1) Open the front smoke box door of the boiler and clean the soot in the furnace and smoke pipe.

(2) Check whether the super heater is over-burned or deformed through the furnace. Whether dust accumulates at the water-cooling jacket, if there is a problem, you should also open the rear smoke box device and take out the super heater for maintenance and cleaning.

(3) Remove the scale and slag in the drum and the header of the economizer, and rinse with clean water.


(4) Carefully inspect the inside and outside of the boiler.

(5) If the wearing parts of the burner are worn out, they should be replaced immediately. If the boiler is equipped with two burners, one will be overhauled and the other will continue to operate during the overhaul, and the two can be operated alternately.

(6) Exposed iron parts such as boiler insulation shell and boiler base should be painted at least once a year.

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Maintenance of Automatic Gas Boiler During Operation



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