Increased Noise of Gas Boilers Burners


The reasons why noise of gas boilers burners increased:

1. The shut-off valve in the oil circuit is closed;

2. The oil inlet is insufficient, the oil filter is blocked;

3. The oil inlet temperature is low, the viscosity is too high, or the pump oil inlet temperature is too high;

4. The oil pump is malfunctioning;

5. The fan motor bearing is damaged;

6. The fan impeller is too dirty.


The treatment methods of noise of gas boilers burners increased:

1. Check whether the valve in the oil pipeline is open;

2. Check whether the oil filter is working normally, clean the filter screen of the pump itself;

3. Increase the oil temperature or reduce the oil temperature;

4. Replace the oil pump;

5. Replace the motor or bearing;

6. Clean the fan impeller.

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Increased Noise of Gas Boilers Burners



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