Features and Advantages of Coal Fired Boilers


Main Features of Coal Fired Boilers:

1. It occupies a small area and is easy to install and maintain.

2. Large heating area and high thermal efficiency.

3. Half-gas burning, with smoke and dust removal function.

4. The temperature rises quickly, the output is large, and the operation is simple.


Advantages of Coal Fired Boilers:

1. The thermal efficiency of horizontal coal-fired boiler is above 77%, which is higher than the national standard.

2. The operation is mechanized, which reduces the labor intensity of the furnace workers.

3. Quickly install and leave the factory. After arriving at the site of use, install valves and meters, blowers, induced draft fans, flue ducts, economizers, dust collectors, and slag dischargers. The coal machine and water circuit can be operated, and it has the characteristics of quick start and fire.

4. Easy to install and move can save a lot of infrastructure investment.

5. Burning coal, the second-class bituminous coal with low calorific value ≥17750J/Kg, volatile matter>38.5%, and ash content ≤32.4%.

6. The coal-fired boiler has a compact layout, small floor space, convenient transportation, quick-installation, short installation period, low installation cost, low user investment and quick recovery benefits.

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Features and Advantages of Coal Fired Boilers



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