Effective Ways to Improve Chain Grate Boiler


1. Change the way the fire bed catches fire

In order to improve the combustion efficiency of coal in the chain grate boiler, the coal feeder method is selected. The wind-driven coal-throwing inverted chain first throws the large particles of coal to the nearby place; the small particles of coal are thrown to the far place; in the continuous coal feeding state The lower coal particles are always covered in the burning or about to burn out coke layer, and the lower part can be directly ignited, and the effect is strong. With the continuous optimization of fire conditions, full combustion can be promoted. However, it should be ensured that the particles of coal shall not be larger than 40mm, ensure that the coal is fully burned in the grate, and control the moisture of the coal. After the transformation, the effect of full combustion is obvious, and the thermal efficiency of the boiler is improved.


2. Promote the full combustion of the chain grate boiler

Whether the chain grate boiler can adapt to the coal type and whether the coal is fully burned in the furnace, the most critical factor is the rationality of the furnace arch structure. The furnace arch is mainly composed of a front arch and a rear arch. The heat radiation of fuel or flue gas is used to make the newly added coal ignite and burn out the ash. The ignition of the new fuel is mainly produced by the heat radiation of the front arch and the flame, and the flame jet ejected from the back arch will bring it into the new fuel area. Only with a moderate smoke rate can the high-temperature flue gas and flame enter the front arch area to form a rotation to ensure that the flue gas in the furnace is fully burned and at the same time increase the boiler output.

3. Strengthen the management of chain grate boilers

On the one hand, boiler managers should pay more attention to boiler equipment. Because chain grate boilers are the core equipment for enterprise operation, if the equipment is stopped due to human factors, it will cause waste of raw materials in the production process, which will directly bring to the enterprise. Economic losses affect operation efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the business training of the boiler staff, improve their professional quality and professional ethics, and establish a high sense of responsibility; on the other hand, the boiler staff should be proficient in the various operating specifications of the boiler to ensure that the boiler can give full play to it. It should be effective, and at the same time, detailed records are made of various data during the operation of the boiler, so that the equipment can be monitored and adjusted at any time to ensure the economic and safe operation of the chain grate boiler.

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Effective Ways to Improve Chain Grate Boiler



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