50MT/Hour Steam Boiler Technical Parameters and Specifications


 50MT/Hour Steam Boiler Technical Parameters and Specifications

Sl.No Item descriptions AMEL's requirement. 
1 Boiler Model No ZG50-3.2/380-Q
2 Maximum continuous rating (MCR) Please specify
3 Net continuous rating (NCR) 50 MT/Hr. 
4 Steam temperature⁰C 380
5 Steam pressure at MSSR 32 Bar
6 Deaerator temperature⁰C inlet  80
7 Deaerator temperature⁰C outlet  105
8 Internal consumption of steam for Boiler/hour (Deaerator & others, if any).  
9 Fuel Natural Gas - TITAS
10 Gas composition Refer to the attachment.
11 GCV (BTU/ft3) 1032
12 Efficiency% on NCV Please specify& furnish calculation sheet.
13 Boiler tube material SA192 / SA210 preferred
14 Superheater tube material SA213T22 preferred
15 Economizer tube material SA192 / SA210 preferred
16 Boiler steam drum material SA-516 Grade 70 is preferred
17 Boiler water drum material SA516Grade 70 is preferred
18 Furnace tube Fin Width mm Please specify
  Boiler heating surface area,FT2 Please specify
19 Economizer heating area,FT2 Please specify
20 Superheater heating area,FT2 Please specify
21 Fuel consumption (Nm3/hr/ton) Please specify
22 PLC with DCS Please include
23 Chimney design & material Submit separate technical & commercial offer. 
24 Feed water quality Please specify
25 Steam purity Please specify
26 Stack temperature⁰C Please specify
27 Maximum gas pressure bar  Max 2 Bar
28 CO2% 10-12% is preferred
29 Burner capacity,Mkcal/hr Please specify
30 FD Fan capacity,Nm3/hr Please specify
31 FD fan, KW Please specify
32 VFD for FD fan operation Please Include
33 Emission levels of flue gas Please specify
34 Feed water pump, KW, V 400 V / specify kw.
35 Instrument air, bar 5.5-7
36 Electricity KW per ton steam generated (NCR basis) Please provide
37 Deaerator Please Include
38 Chemical feed system Please Include
39 Steam flow meter Please Include
40 Steam pressure high & high-high & furnace pressure high switch Please Include
41 Blowdown tank & conductivity control system Please Include
42 Duct & external insulation Please Include
43 Client list Please provide
44 Spares for two years operation.  Please furnish a list & separate  offer
45 Delivery time, months Please provide
46 Warranty after commissioning, months  Please provide
47 Total Gas consumption for 50MT/Hour steam output in Nm3 (NCR basis) Please furnish.
48 Heat balance sheet (NCR Basis) Please provide
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