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In June 12, 2017, China Special Equipment Testing and Research Institute carried out environmental protection tests on ZBG low nitrogen natural gas fired boiler equipment, and the measured data of NOX emissions was 26.53mg/m3, which attract a lot of attention, and has been highly praised by customers.


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ZBG is always dedicated into energy saving, high efficiency and environment friendly, low nitrogen boilers adopt advanced technology.
a. FGR flue gas recirculation. The reflux technology of flue gas recirculation refers to drawing a part of the flue gas from the exhaust port of the boiler to the suction port of the combustion engine, adding to the furnace and then recycling to be added to the hearth. FGR technology can reduce the combustion temperature and reduce the partial pressure of oxygen, which can effectively reduce the formation of NOX.
b. Staged combustion technology. The combustion process is designed into three areas, most of the fuel is fed into the main combustion zone, the required air is fed into the furnace in stages. About 80% air will be fed into the main combustion zone, the main combustion zone is injected with secondary combustion for re-combustion, and then the third zone is fed into the remaining air for combustion to complete the burnout process and achieve fuel and air staged combustion.
c. FPB fully premixed combustion. Through the special design of burner and mixing device, before the ignition, the gas and air will be completely mixed evenly, and sent into a special burning head for combustion. The biggest characteristic of premixed combustion is complete combustion, high efficiency, and can achieve ultra-low NOx emissions. It conforms to the EU's most stringent NOX emission standard.

Currently, ZBG products are not only widespread across the country, but also exported to more than sixty countries and regions, such as the United States, Russia, South Korea, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, etc.

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