ZBG Completed ASME Replacement


In July 2017, ZBG successfully passed the ASME replacement inspection review. Joint group experts carried out on our company in-depth and meticulous reviewed that the company's implementation of standards in line with ASME requirements, and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers has issued a new ASME stamp and authorization certificate, valid from July 19, 2017 to September 4, 2020.

ASME S (boiler) and ASME U (pressure vessel) are the most authoritative design and manufacturing qualification for international boilers and pressure vessels and heavy equipment industry. It is a permit for boiler equipment manufacturers to enter the international market. According to provisions, ASME headquarters in the United States need to carry out replacement inspection of the manufacturers (holders of ASME certificate) every three years, failed to pass the replacement inspection, manufactures will be canceled ASME product design and production qualification.


As the first boiler manufacturing enterprise to obtain ASME stamp authorized in Henan Province, ZBG provides domestic and foreign customers with a large number of high-quality, high efficiency and energy-saving boiler and pressure vessel products for many years. The renewal of ASME S and ASME U stamp succeeded, which indicates that ZBG’s technical level and manufacturing strength once again recognized by the international authority. As the company continues to enhance the capability of scientific and technological innovation, and through cross-border e-commerce to expand the international market power, the market share and brand influence of our company continue to rise.

The ingenuity makes quality, the products reveal the strength of enterprise. ZBG will continue to cope with the fierce international market competition with high-quality products and open mind, with the national "The Belt and Road" strategy and "2025 China manufacturing" strategic, ZBG cross-border e-commerce help " ZBG intelligent made "go to every corner of the world and better serve the global customers.


ZBG completed ASME replacement,ASME standard boiler



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