91MW Boiler for Thermal Power Company

ModelCFB hot water boiler

Capacity91 MW

ApplicationThermal power company

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One set of 91 MW coal fired CFB hot water boiler was ordered from Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd.

Specification of CFB hot water boiler

Rated thermal power: 91MW
Rated water pressure: 1.6MPa
Rated output water temperature: 130℃
Drum working temperature: 1.66MPa
Rated return water temperature: 70℃
Discharge flue gas temperature: 129.8℃
Circulating water volume: 1295.3t/h
Designing efficiency: 85.5%(Qnet=11.62Mm/Kg)

91 MW coal fired CFB boiler has the following features:

1. Membrane water wall can make the boiler furnace, separator, and return feeding system as a whole, the overall boiler structure is compact
2. The separator structure and parameter design make great progress, effectively improve boiler combustion efficiency and separation efficiency
3. The return feeding system is composed by two pieces of membrane water wall, the partial heat brought by fly ash is absorbed by the water tubes, reduce fly ash temperature, no coking will be caused by secondary combustion in the feeding system
4. The wear design adopts several measures, coal fuel has a good adaptability, and the swirl fluidized combustion technology makes the materials swirl fluidized combustion in the combustion chamber to improve coal fired CFB boiler combustion efficiency. Besides, the failure rate is reduced, and it can long-time operation.


Established in 2002, Balinzuoqi Thermal Power Company Limited is responsible for supplying heat for 1.2 million square meter, of which 0.4 million square meter central heating. To meet the ever-increasing heating need, the company established a new thermal power plant, and installed two sets of 12 MW sub-high pressure steam turbine generator and several sets of circulating fluidized bed boiler.

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