46MW CFB Boiler for Central Heating in Urumqi

ModelCirculating fluidized bed boiler

Capacity46 MW

ApplicationHeating for 600000 m2 building

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46 MW CFB boiler for central heating

Rated capacity: 46 MW
Rated pressure: 1.6 MPa
Output water temperature: 130℃
Return water temperature: 70℃
Design fuel: furnace slag, coal

The 46 MW CFB hot water boiler has the following features:

1. High thermal efficiency, full output, and fast temperature raise. The designed 46 MW boiler has a max load of 80.6 ton during the operating. This solves the problem of inadequate heating of the heating company.
2. This coal fired CFB boiler is mainly burning coal, even the bad quality coal and furnace slag, high burning efficiency, much savings on fuel, and bring economic benefits.
3. High combustion desulfurization efficiency, less NOx emission, and reduce environment pollution.
4.Boiler bank-fire, start-up easy and quick, good for the emergency treatment.
5. Compared to chain grate boiler, the CFB boiler operator’s labor intensity is lower.
6. Compared to chain grate boiler, there is no mechanical equipment in combustion chamber, so the maintenance cost is low.


Before 2004, the heating company just had 20 ton and 4o ton chain grate boiler to supply heat in winter for almost 600000 m2 building in Xishan District. As the economic boost and new buildings set up, the pressure for heating was increased, thus the company ordered a set of QXF46-1.6/130/70-A boiler manufactured by our company in Nov. 2004.

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