What is the Fuel Consumption Per Hour of 22t/h Coal Gas & Heavy Oil Fuel Boiler


 What is the fuel consumption per hour of 22t/h coal gas & heavy oil fuel boiler? 22 ton per hour coal gas & heavy oil fuel boiler consumes about 4000 cubic meters of gas per hour, and about 1700 cubic meters of heavy oil per hour.

Outlet hot water after processing:

This is the temperature we will have available in the outlet, after process the steam in our system, so available hot water to pumping back again to the boiler will be 45.8℃ to complete the cycle.

Also, please let us know the Coal Gas aprox. consumption per hour in boiler with capacity we have request.

Please let us know the heavy oil aprox. consumption per hour in boiler with capacity we have request.

Note; Very important, please need confirmation it if we can have the Steam parameters request (Steam bars, Saturation at 200℃ and 22ton/h in the boiler request). Send the Boiler design configuration details, with full steam max. parameters can reach.

22t/h coal gas & heavy oil fuel boile

22t/h coal gas & heavy oil fuel boile

22t/h coal gas & heavy oil fuel boile

Advantages of ZBG 22t/h Coal Gas & Heavy Oil Fuel Boiler

  1. D-type Double-Drum style with compact structure, less occupied area, good flame fullness which is better for low nitrogen combustion and low nitrogen emission.
  2. With totally automatic burner and full set of safety protection device, thus automatic safety operation can be guaranteed.
  3. Gas-tightness inner guard board with totally-enclosed welding structure which ensures a good sealing performance of the furnace wall.
  4. The heat exchange surface area of the boiler and the space for water and steam are large enough to make sure the boiler parameters are stable.
  5. The rear section of such boiler is equipped with flue gas condensing and recovery device which can effectively control exhaust gas temperature so that to improve boiler thermal efficiency.
  6. Adopts high heat resistance material as adiabatic layer which brings a good thermal insulation property; the outer shell of the boiler adopts pressed guard board which makes the boiler looks delicate.
22t/h, Coal Gas Boiler, Heavy Oil Fuel Boiler



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