What is the Difference Between AFBC and CFBC Boiler


What is the Difference Between AFBC and CFBC Boiler

It is reported that circulating fluidized bed boilers are more an more appeared in industries and commercial fields. Someone consult for AFBC boiler, while some search for CFBC boiler. And they are usually confused: are the two the same or what’s the difference between AFBC and CFBC?

In brief, AFBC means Atmospheric Classic Fluidized Bed Combustion (AFBC); CFBC means Atmospheric Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion (CFBC). Here let’s know their differences from these aspects: velocity, heat transfer surface, requirement on size of coal, combustion air supply, and so on.


AFBC = 1.2 m/sec to 3.7 m/sec

CFBC = 3.7 m/sec to 9 m/sec

2.Heat Transfer Surface:

AFBC = Heat is extracted within the the bed

CFBC = Heat transfer occer outside of combustion zone i-e Convection section, water walls and at the exit of the riser

3. Size of Coal

AFBC : 6-10 mm

CFBC : 6- 12 mm

4. Combustion Air Supply

AFBC : 3 - 5 psig

CFBC : 1.5 - 2 psig

Advantages of CFBC over AFBC

CFBC technology evolves from AFBC to overcome some of the Problems of AFBC

a). Better Space utilization for large Industrial units

b). Efficient combustion

c). Better SO2 capture

d). Better Techniques for Nox Control

e). Better temperature Control

f). More economical for Industrial application requiring steam demand more than 100 Tons/hr

g). Better for low garde Fuel with Low calorific value and high Ash content

h). Reduced Erosion of heat transfer surface in combustion chamber as surface is parallel to the flow contrary to AFBC

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What is the Difference Between AFBC and CFBC Boiler,CFBC boiler manufacturer



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