Which Boiler Is Suitable for You: Steam Boiler or Hot Water Boiler


Which Boiler Is Suitable for You: Steam Boiler or Hot Water Boiler

According to production need, industrial boilers can be divided into many types; steam boiler and hot water boiler are the main types. The biggest difference is that a hot water boiler produces hot water, while a steam boiler produces steam. Obviously factories should choose the proper type of boiler based on their own actual needs.

Steam is a kind of high temperature gas that can be directly used in various applications. Steam boiler can generate saturated steam and superheated steam. As for hot water boiler, the water is heated to 60~100 degree C, and different processing acquires different temperature hot water.

Followings are some tips for selecting a proper boiler:         

1.Choose a boiler according to its function

1) boiler used in heating system
A heating system usually uses hot water at the end of radiator or floor heating to exchange heating. If using steam boiler for heating, another equipment like steam-water heat exchanger must be installed to transfer the heat in the steam to hot water, this will produce much heat losses, therefore, hot water boiler is the best choice in heating system.

2)boiler used in sanitary hot water system
A sanitary hot water system is to supply hot water directly, so hot water boiler is the right one and it’s much easier to control temperature and flow of hot water.

3)boiler used in industrial process
The needed medium in industrial processing will determine whether a hot water boiler or steam boiler is required. Simply speaking, if high temperature is needed, then choose steam boiler; if hot water is needed, then just choose hot water boiler for your industry.

2.Choosing a boiler according to its application 

1)Boiler for Hotel14mw hot water boiler
Boilers are needed in hotels for supplying hot water, heating in bedrooms and washrooms, steam in laundry and kitchens, so hot water boilers and steam boilers are both installed in hotels.

2)Boiler for Buildings Heating
Just hot water boilers can meet the heating and hot water needs in buildings.

3)Boiler for Hospitals
Hospitals need steam boiler to process disinfection for medical instruments and laundry, hot water boilers for heating supply.

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Which Boiler Is Suitable for You: Steam Boiler or Hot Water Boiler



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