Max Steam Flow Is 37 T/H Saturated Steam Boiler in Libya



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Kindly I need quote for Supply , install , training & commissioning of a Boiler In Libya

Below the Boiler Specs with The supply Condition

*Boiler Type:

1-Steam Saturated Compact Boiler Double Drums (steam & mud)

2-Max Steam Flow: 37 t/h

3-Steam type: saturated steam

4-Fuel Type: gas, light fuel (L.F.O) , Heavy Fuel (H.F.O)

37 T/h Saturated Steam Boiler.jpg


*Supply of Boiler should include:

1- Economizer with two passes

2- Burner Skid

3- Heavy fuel oil heating station

4- Two Racks of Soot blowing : Rack Sweeper on the economizer & Rotary Sweeper on the boiler

5- Flow gas duct

6- Expansion joint between flow gas & chimney

7- Boiler instrumentation & control

8- Boiler walkways & ladders

9- Two Copies of B.M.S Software with it’s suitable operating laptop

10- Four Hard Manual Copies for operating & maintenance

11- Sample Coolers

12- All required Connections for the boiler ( Fuel , steam , feed water , electric , instrumentation )

* Scope of Work:

1- Dismantling the old Boiler

2- All Civil Works for the new Boiler

3- Install the New Boiler

4- Commissioning & Grantee Period

5- Local Training for the operating Staff

6- Training abroad for eleven engineers as following :

* Five operative Engineers

* Six maintenance Engineers, 2 Engineers for each Subject (Electrical, Mechanical, instrumental)

*Two Inspection Trips with full accommodation

* water quality

1- The Boiler will be used in desalination plant with MED-TVC Technique

2-The boiler feed water is the desalination product water with max conductivity 27 Ms

3- The offer should include technical report for improving the boiler water quality

Waiting your valuable & urgent feedback .

Best Regards

ZBG Engineer Li Answered:

ZBG produces 35-37 t/h fuel and gas steam boilers, which are used in production and can also be used in power plants. The boiler model recommends SZS gas & oil water tube boiler SZS series oil and gas fired boiler is a packaged water tube boiler with double drums and D-type layout. Burning oil and gas, this boiler has lower emission of carbon dioxide, NOx (nitrous oxide), SOx (sulfur dioxide) than coal fuels.

Max Steam Flow Is 37 T/h Saturated Steam Boiler in Libya



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