Ethanol Fired Boiler VS Natural Gas Boiler



Ethanol fired boiler and gas boiler are clean energy as fuel for the boiler. In essence, ethanol fired boiler belongs to oil fired boiler, natural gas boiler belongs to gas boiler, the biggest difference is the different fuel. The specific comparison between ethanol boiler and natural gas boiler is as follows:

Ethanol Fired Boiler

Ethanol is a new type of green environmental protection fuel, which uses ethanol and other alcohol-based as fuel. The technical indicators of methanol and ethanol boilers developed by ZBG and Germany have reached the world advanced level and are in the leading position in the domestic boiler industry. The boiler is equipped with imported burner, fully automatic program control, high degree of automation, so that the boiler can achieve the best combustion effect.

Ethanol can be used for various occasions, provide hot water and steam, is an ideal product in the majority of enterprises, factories, heating, hotels, community residents heating, bathing and so on.

Natural Gas Boiler

Natural gas boiler can achieve the advantages of full combustion, emissions of no pollution, convenient operation, easy installation; this type of boiler has thermal efficiency, large power, strong load adaptability, high degree of automation, convenient operation, safe and reliable operation, is a kind of high efficiency and low energy consumption, low pollution, green environmental protection product.

Natural gas boiler is widely used in hospitals, schools, textile mill, garment factory, large supermarkets, garment factory, dyeing factory, hotels, restaurants, food plants, beverage plants, bean products factory, canned factory, brewery, pharmaceutical factory, swimming pool, etc.
hall and other places of enterprises and institutions.

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