China ZBG Boiler Manufacturing Plant Provides Textile Industry 3 Tons/hour Steam Boilers


We are looking for a brand New boiler suitable for Textile Industry ( Dyeing process) Steam boiler capacity 3 tons, 150 psi, 15 bar, fire tube type, Furnace oil with Gas Burner, Please send your boiler catalog and CIF Colombo Sri Lanka price Payment terms: LC 360 days sight Delivery time after LC opened ? Warranty period ?

3 Tons/hour Steam Boilers

3 Tons/hour Steam Boilers

3 Tons/hour oil & gas Steam Boilers

Serial number Device name Specification model Unit Quantity
1 WNS3-1.5-Q, D=3t/h
  Rated steam pressure 150 psi, 15 bar,
  Rated steam temperature 184℃,204℃
Thermal efficiency>92% 
Taiwan 2
Boiler body instrument valve Supporting boiler manufacturers Set 2
Burner (supporting blower)  N=7.5kW, 15~20kPa Set 2
Energy Saver Supporting boiler manufacturers Set 2

3 Tons Gas Fired Boiler Exported to Russia

WNS series oil and gas fired boiler produced by our company is one of the key export products of our company, can be widely used in production, power generation, heating, hot water supply and other fields. The measured NOx emission concentration is far below 30mg/m3.

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