Boiler Burner And Types of Burners


Boiler burners are the central element of effective combustion system design which includes fuel preparation, air fuel distribution, furnace design and combustion control. A burner is a mechanical device that supplies required amount of fuel and air and creates a condition of rapid mixing and produce flame. The mixing rate of air and fuel directly affects the flame stability, shape and emission.



Gas Burners:

These are type of burners that are classified on the basis of the air and fuel mixing phenomenon as- premixed and diffusion type. In premix type, fuel and gas are premixed before passing through the burner nozzle. In diffusion type, a small quantity of air is mixed in the flow of gas and there will be diffusion between them. Air and gaseous fuels are supplied separately in the furnace. The rate of mixing of air and fuel decides the combustion process. Diffusion type of burners are used in industrial as well as domestic application.

Oil burners:

The pot type of burners is the oldest type of burner. In this type, the oil is first vaporized by applying heat. The oil vapours are mixed with excess air and then burned. Oil is vaporized at a slower rate than the rate of combustion reaction. This process is modified by using atomizers to form tiny droplets of oil before its ignition. The droplets can be vaporized easily.

ZBG gas and oil fired boilers adopt internationally renowned brand burner (BALTUR, WEISHAUPT, RIELLO), which can achieve high thermal efficiency and low nitrogen emission, clean and environmentally friendly.

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