Autoclave Working Medium Maintenance and Management


Autoclave Working Medium Maintenance and Management

ZBG is a professional manufacturer and supplier of industrial autoclaves. In this paper I will introduce something about the working medium maintenance and management of industrial autoclave.

Generally speaking, hydraulic system failure or adverse activity are due to  the working medium---mismanagement of hydraulic system, so it is wrong only focusing on pump, valves, parts but neglecting working medium. In the hydraulic system, the main role of the working medium is the transmission of power, as well lubrication pumps, valves and other components, therefore, full attention must be paid to the maintenance management of working medium.

1 Leakage
Regular inspections, no leakage is permissible. If the found leakage is not timely treated, the level inside the tank will obviously decrease and hamper the pump working. Especially for on-site environment, to prevent pollution and fires, prolong equipment life, improve economic efficiency, no leakage is essential.

2 Level
Observe level by the liquid temperature gauge, and keep the level always  near baseline level. The significant level lower will cause the pressure change in the closed oil tank. Pump suction will easily cause vibration and the bubbles in system resulting in vibration and noise, even abnormal working, failure working, or medium temperature rising and a serious of insecurity factors and troubles.

3 Temperature
Note whether the working medium temperature is within the normal range.
Too low temperature and rising viscosity is not conductive for bump running, or even damage it. Over-high oil temperature will reduce the oil viscosity, the  amounts of system internal and external leakage increase and even accelerate the medium oxidation deterioration, loss its performance, hampering the system work properly.

4 Periodic inspection
To maintain system performance, make it work normally, and extend its life, all parts of the entire system must be checked regularly. Adhere to a daily, weekly and monthly observation of the oil level, fuel pumps, pressure changes, the  pump operation sound, leakage, and oil filter pollution. Besides, check whether the bolts at each connection is loose, whether the fuel leakage happens and the pollution degree, etc. Replace new dealt-filter medium when found serious oil pollution.

5 Working medium replacement
For replacing the working medium, firstly drain the old medium in the tank,  clean the tank, and inject new filtered L-HM46 hydraulic oil through the oilier to reach the benchmark oil level.

6 Pump
In normal operation, the pump produces clear voice, if abnormal sound occurs, stop for checking and troubleshooting to make it work properly.

7 Other
When parts must be replaced or decomposed, referring to parts instruction and structure diagram. Hydraulic components are precision elements, must be taken to prevent contamination; before the case is totally make out, no large scale dismantling and unloading, to prevent causing a lot of outside leakage and fatal system accidents.

Autoclave Working Medium Maintenance and Management



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