Precautions for Waste Slag Recycling Boilers


Product Description of Waste Slag Recycling Boilers:

The waste slag recycling boiler is a kind of biomass boiler, which is a boiler that uses waste slag as fuel. With the ever-increasing demand for energy in society, fossil fuels as the main energy source are rapidly decreasing. Therefore, looking for a renewable alternative energy source has become the focus of general attention of the society. Recycling boilers with waste residue plays an important role in protecting the environment, improving the ecology, and improving the living standards of farmers.

Working Principle of Waste Slag Recycling Boilers:

Furnace, (gas-solid separation equipment) separator, solid material recycling equipment (feeder), superheater, reheater, economizer, air preheater, etc. The membrane water wall structure is adopted on both sides of the furnace, which not only ensures the sealing of the furnace, but also improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler.


Precautions of Waste Slag Recycling Boilers:

1. The quality of the burner must be good, and it needs to be compatible with the fuel used. The burner is equivalent to the soul of the boiler and is particularly important in the composition of the boiler. A good burner is durable, effectively improving the service life of the supporting boiler and ensuring the thermal efficiency of the boiler. All the factory-equipped burners of ZBG Boiler adopt the original and genuine qualified burners of the internationally renowned brand Black & Decker, which absolutely guarantees the safety of the boiler.

2. To reduce incomplete losses by increasing the furnace temperature and improving combustion. A certain amount of heat loss will occur during the operation of the boiler, which may affect the thermal efficiency of the boiler. ZBG boiler has a large furnace space and a reasonable arrangement of secondary air, which promotes the full combustion of biomass fuel.

3. Strengthen inspection, maintenance and maintenance during operation. Whether the boiler runs well or not depends on whether the firemen is responsible. ZBG Boiler is also here to remind everyone that in the process of using biomass boilers, we must pay attention to the changes and abnormalities of the boiler, and do a good job in repair and maintenance.

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Precautions for Waste Slag Recycling Boilers



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