How to Improve the Heating Efficiency of Natural Gas Boilers?


Natural gas heating boilers occupies a large part of the market in heating boilers. Whether it is industrial heating boilers or civil heating boilers, natural gas boilers are the first boilers to consider. It can be said that natural gas heating boilers have entered thousands of households. But we all know that the heating efficiency of the boiler will decrease in winter. What should we do to reduce the rate of decrease?


We must first understand that the efficiency of the boiler refers to the percentage of effective heat input per standard cubic meter (gas fuel). The reason why the efficiency is less than 100% is that there is heat loss. If we can reduce the heat loss, the efficiency will naturally be high.

1. Reduce the air leakage rate of the air preheater, especially the air leakage rate of the rotary air preheater.

2. Strictly control the water quality index of the boiler water. When the scale content in the water wall tube reaches 400mg/m, it should be pickled in time.

3. Try to burn high-quality coal with low sulfur content to reduce the air temperature at the inlet of the air preheater. Modern large-capacity power generation boilers are equipped with air preheaters to prevent condensation on the heated surface of the cold front end of the air preheater, causing air the preheater is corroded at low temperature.

4. The method of increasing the inlet air temperature of the air preheater and increasing the boiler exhaust gas temperature (increased exhaust heat loss) is adopted to extend the service life of the air preheater.

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How to Improve the Heating Efficiency of Natural Gas Boilers?



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