Furnace Knowledge of Coal Fired Boilers


The coal-fired boiler is mainly composed of the boiler body and boiler auxiliary equipment. The boiler body includes two parts: the furnace and the drum. So the furnace is an important part of the boiler, so do you know some knowledge about the furnace?

Furnace structure of coal-fired boilers:

The cross section of the furnace is generally square or rectangular. The fuel burns in the furnace to form flames and high-temperature flue gas, so the furnace wall around the furnace is composed of high-temperature resistant materials and insulation materials. Water wall pipes are often laid on the inner surface of the furnace wall, which not only protects the furnace wall from burning, but also absorbs a large amount of radiant heat from flames and high-temperature flue gas.


Furnace classification of coal-fired boilers:

(1) Cylindrical hearth that uses air flow to rotate coal particles at a high speed and burns intensely is called a cyclone furnace.

(2) The hearth where the solid fuel is put on the grate for fire-bed combustion is called the stratified furnace, also known as the fire-bed furnace.

(3) The furnace where liquid, gas or solid fuel ground into powder is sprayed into the fire chamber for combustion is called the chamber furnace, also known as the fire chamber furnace.

(4) The air lifts the coal particles to make them burn in a boiling state. The furnace suitable for burning low-quality fuel is called a fluidized bed furnace.

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Furnace Knowledge of Coal Fired Boilers



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