Auxiliary Equipment for Coal-Fired Power Plant Boilers


Coal-fired boilers convert heat into steam or hot water by burning coal, but not all of the heat can be converted, and there is an efficiency problem. Although the efficiency of coal-fired boilers is generally between 60% and 80%, the cost of coal-fired boilers is low, so many customers choose coal-fired boilers. Recently, a power plant consulted on auxiliary equipment for coal-fired boilers.

The main equipment of a coal-fired boiler is the boiler body (furnace and drum).


Auxiliary equipment for coal-fired power generation boilers:

The pulverized coal preparation system, which grinds raw coal into pulverized coal to facilitate the full combustion of coal, includes coal feeders, coal mills, pulverizes, coarse powder separators, and pulverized powder pipelines, etc.

The air supply and induced air system, which supplies the air needed for combustion to the boiler and discharges the flue gas after coal combustion out of the boiler, including the blower, induced draft fan and flue duct, etc.

Water supply system, including water supply pumps, valves and pipes, etc.

Water treatment system (see boiler water treatment):

Ash removal system, including slag crusher, slag discharger, dust collector, etc.

Automatic control and monitoring system (see boiler automatic control, boiler steam temperature adjustment).

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Auxiliary Equipment for Coal-Fired Power Plant Boilers



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