Advantages of Glass Kiln Flue Gas Waste Heat Boiler


Float glass kiln flue gas waste heat boiler through reasonable configuration of each part of the heating surface, strengthens the heat transfer of the boiler, reduces boiler air leakage, and effectively improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Specifically reflected in:


1. Energy saving, high thermal efficiency, and effective comprehensive utilization of thermal energy.  

2. Low resistance. The body of the waste heat boiler adopts the design of equal flow rate and low flow rate, and the body resistance is less than 900Pa under the design conditions, which is beneficial to combine with other equipment and reduce the power consumption of the system. 

3. The furnace adopts an inverted U-shaped layout, which overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional heat pipe waste heat boiler in structure and operation. It has a long service life, simple operation and maintenance, economical, safe and reliable. It is completely suitable for float glass using heavy oil or natural gas fuel. Furnace production line.  

4. When the furnace is arranged on the heating surface, a large number of small R elbow radii are used, which makes the overall structure of the boiler more compact, and the appearance is neat and beautiful.  

5. Good sealing performance. The heating surface of the boiler adopts a suspended structure, which can effectively absorb thermal expansion. In order to minimize air leakage, some new measures have been taken in the design of the waste heat boiler: a light-weight protective plate is adopted for the fully welded furnace wall structure, and the connection between the protective plate and the steel frame adopts a flexible sealing structure to ensure that the protective plate and the joint part of the steel frame is not dowelled due to thermal expansion; the part where the tube bundle passes through the protective plate furnace wall adopts a comb-shaped plate fully welded and sealed structure.  

6. The furnace uses a large-caliber centralized down comer to ensure safe and reliable water circulation and effectively reduce its own flow resistance.

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Advantages of Glass Kiln Flue Gas Waste Heat Boiler



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