45 Ton per hour Steam Boiler in Palm Oil Plant



  • A)Boiler Design Performance
  • Steam Evaporation at MCR 45,000kg/hr
  • Steam Pressure Design Pressure 37 barg
  • Normal Working Pressure 32 barg
  • Steam Condition at Boller
  • Outlet Superheated steam to 300C
  • Water Inlet Temperature 105C
  • Draft System Balanced Draft

Fuel Palm Fibre,Paim Shell,Shredded EFB Burning Method Pneumatic Spreader Grate Type Vibrating Grate or air cooled reciprocating grate c/w accessories Location of Boiler Indoor Type Overload capacity 110%1 hr/day

B)Scope of supply:

1)Boiler drums for a diameter of 1600mm complete with boiler internal comprising of steam separators,mesh baffles,super heater,tubes and headers.

2)All supporting steel structure,columns,casing plates,access platform and ladders.

3)All flue gas and air ducts,dampers and expansion pieces.

4)All fans complete with motor for induced draft,force draft,secondary air and fuel feeder.

5)All refractory and castables,fire bricks and insulation bricks.

6)Boiler mountings,valves and fitting as per boiler pressure design.

7)One set of fixed pin hole grate.

8)Boiler furnace inspection manual firing doors and ash doors.

9)Two units feed water pumps each having a capacity of 130%boiler MCR (2electrical driven)

10)Automatic feed water regulator to provide water level control within the boiler.

45 Ton per hour, Steam Boiler,Palm Oil Plant



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