10 T/H and 20T/H Steam Boilers for a Data Sheet


 I would like to request you for a data sheet for steam boiler with the respective specifications: We need to produce 20 tons/hour steam at 20 bar for our coffee. So we would like to know the complete inputs and outputs of the steam boiler (possibly energy and mass balance). Also we need same data for a 10 t/h steam at 30 bar. We are expecting a relevant data for the steam boiler for better understanding.

About the 10 T/H and 20T/H steam boiler data sheet is a bit embarrassing for me, because for 10 ton steam boiler and 20 ton steam boiler, the boilers produced by ZBG Boiler Factory include oil-fired steam boilers, gas-fired steam boilers, coal-fired steam boilers, biomass steam boilers and dual fuel steam boilers. Since you're not sure which fuel you want, there are a lot of data sheets to prepare. Below luna will put the data parameters of 2 kinds of boilers for your reference!

10 ton gas steam boiler technical parameters

Zheng Guo model: WNS10-1.25-Q(Y)
Rated evaporation t/h: 10 Rated steam pressure: 1.25
Feed water temperature °C:< 105 Rated steam temperature: 194
Air consumption Nm3/h: 750 Fuel consumption kg: 650
Heating area ㎡: 248 Water volume m³: 12.4
Dimensions in mm: 7150*3000*3200 Boiler weight kg: 26751
After-sale service: Boiler main engine free labor maintenance for life Whether to provide supporting auxiliary machine: Auxiliary equipment can be provided if required
Applicable fuel: Light oil, heavy oil, natural gas, city gas, gas and coke oven gas, etc.

20 tons of biomass steam boiler technical parameters

Model Specifications Rated evaporation (t/h) Rated steam pressure (MPa) Rated steam temperature (℃) Feed water temperature (℃) design fuel ask for price Factory way
SZL20-1.25-T 20 1.25 194 105 molding
biomass pellets
SZL20-2.5-T 20 2.5 226 105 assemble
SHL20-1.25-T 20 1.25 194 105 Bulk
SHL20-1.6-T 20 1.6 204 105 Bulk
SHL20-2.5-T 20 2.5 226 105 Bulk
DHL20-1.25-T 20 1.25 194 105 Bulk
DHL20-1.6-T 20 1.6 204 105 Bulk
DHL20-2.5-T 20 2.5 226 105 Bulk
ZG-20-3.82 20 3.82 330 105 Bulk
ZG-20-5.29 20 5.29 485 105 Bulk
10 T/H,20T/H, Steam Boilers , Data Sheet



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