10 Tons Per Hour Steam Boiler for Libyan Food Factory Milk Plant


 We are for food production located in Tripoli – Libyan. we are really interested to order(Steam boiler ) with the following specification

Complete with all its Accessories. To be used in our new milk factory . Kindly provide us your offer with more technical detail.

10 tons per hour steam boiler for libyan food factory milk plant. ZBG provides 10 tons of steam boilers with various fuels, such as 10 tons of gas fired steam boilers, 10 tons of oil fired steam boilers, 10 tons of biomass steam boilers and 10 tons of coal-fired steam boilers and many more. The price of the boiler is naturally different due to different fuels and different furnace types. Please tell me your boiler fuel, our project manager will send you a detailed quotation list according to your needs.

10 tons per hour steam boiler

10 tons per hour steam boiler

10 Ton Gas Steam Boiler in Tannery

10 Tons,Steam Boiler, Libyan, Food Factory, Milk Plant



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