10 Ton Capacity Boiler for Bangladesh Textile Plant


 Dear Sirs or madam, I will find you on net. We are a trading company in Bangladesh, I have one serious customer he want to buy 10 ton Capacity boiler please offer to me, Including specification E catalog price for CFR Chittagong Bangladesh.

  1. - Boiler Body (3 Pass/Wet back)
  2. - Gas burner
  3. - Forced fan
  4. - Water feed pump
  5. - Water softener
  6. - Water flow meter
  7. - Main valve
  8. - Safety valve
  9. - Control box


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Abu Ala Textile



This is a message sent to us by a Bangladeshi customer. From the above we can understand that the customer wants to consult is a 10 ton gas fired steam boiler, the model is WNS. There is no requirement for customer pressure, but don’t worry, ZBG can provide any pressure industrial boiler in textile mills.

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10 Ton Capacity Boiler

10 Ton WNS Oil & Gas Fire Tube Boiler Model

WNS10-0.7-Q WNS10-1.0-Q
WNS10-1.25-Q WNS10-1.6-Q

The WNS gas-fired steam boiler produced by ZBG is currently the best-selling furnace type. The furnace type is a horizontal quick-installation structure. When leaving the factory, it consists of three parts: the main boiler, the chimney and the piping system, of which the host and the chimney and font. Some of them have been manufactured in the factory, and the pipeline valves and instruments matched with the main engine have been randomly installed, and they can be transported to the site to assemble the main engine and the smoke breeze. Connect the air source, power supply, and water pipelines on site to start a test run. The installation cycle is greatly shortened, and the product quality can be guaranteed. Designed with various protection functions such as over-temperature, over-pressure, water shortage, leak detection, flameout, etc., the boiler runs safely and reliably.

10 Ton Gas Steam Boiler in Tannery

  1. Model: WNS series gas steam boiler
  2. Capacity: 10 ton per hour
  3. Steam pressure: 1.25 MPa
  4. Steam temperature: 184 ℃
  5. Feeding water temperature: 20 ℃
  6. Designing efficiency: 90.3 %
  7. Designing fuel: natural gas
  8. Application: Tannery plant

The 10 ton WNS series gas steam boiler is clean and safe, belonging to environmentally friendly boiler. ZBG as a 71 years old boiler manufacturer offers high quality low cost gas fired boilers for industries. The 10 ton steam boiler provides steam for the tannery production.

10 Ton, Boiler ,Bangladesh Textile Plant



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