ZBG Gas Fired Boilers Are Busy Delivering Orders at Home and Abroad!


 In the midsummer of July, the enthusiasm is like fire. Since the first half of the year, the ZBG production plant has been busy, and ZBG gas boiler orders have been sent to home and abroad in batches to help users in various industries in green and energy-saving production and implement the dual-carbon target strategy.


20 ton gas boiler.jpg

20 ton gas boiler

20 ton gas boiler.jpg

20 ton gas boiler


8 tons wns gas boiler.jpg

8 tons wns gas boiler

35 ton gas boiler.jpg

35 ton gas boiler

As a boiler manufacturer dedicated to clean combustion, ZBG has exported its gas fired boilers with exquisite craftsmanship and high quality to more than 80 countries and regions, accumulatively more than 12,000 customers, and is favored by the market, with orders coming one after another.

ZBG gas boiler.jpg

ZBG gas boiler

Recently, the production workshop of ZBG has been running at full power, and the front-line workers are in full swing to ensure delivery on time and according to quality. All departments closely coordinate and cooperate, and the work of stocking and delivery is in an orderly manner.

Gas boiler production.jpg

Gas boiler production

Finished gas boiler.jpg

Finished gas boiler

Carry out low nitrogen to the end! ZBG will continue to give full play to the advantages of clean fuel combustion technology, further promote product innovation, while improving the layout of the domestic market, always adhere to the determination and confidence of "going out", deeply cultivate overseas markets, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs, so that a better "China" Products" to the world!

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