Industrial water tube boilers


Industrial water tube boilers

Unlike fire tube boilers, water tube boilers pass water through the tubes, which are then heated externally by hot gas from the furnace flue gas. The heated water rises into a steam drum, where it can then be reheated by a superheater to achieve even higher steam temperatures. ZG Boiler supplies Types of water tube boilers as follows. 

D type gas & oil water tube boiler

SZS series are D type layout, compact in structure, less occupation area.
It is packaged gas & oil water tube steam boiler, easy to transport and install.
It adopts Water Cooled Membrane Wall Construction, fully welded with good sealing.
Arranged flue gas condensation recovery device in the rear of the boiler.
Inspection hole for fully accessible for boiler inspection and maintenance.

D type water tube boiler

Traveling grate water tube boiler

Invert “α” arch technology is adopted to improve the boiler thermal efficiency.
Wide fuel flexibility, coal fuel and biomass fuel are available.
Combustion system involves coal hopper, chain grate and transmission device.
Water cooled arch and water-cooled membrane wall are introduced into this water tube boiler.
Large heat transfer coefficient, good heat effect, good sealing and low heat losses.

traveling grate biomass coal water tube boiler

Large capacity CFB water tube boiler

Capacities are available from 10 TPH to 280 TPH.
Circulating fluidized bed combustion/CFBC technology helps realize clean combustion.
High efficient desulfurization, low-temperature combustion, and low Nox emissions.
Flexible fuels to burn, even bad grade coal slag.

biomass CFB boiler for sale

Waste heat recovery water tube steam boiler

Utilizing flue gas waste heat to generate steam or power, save cost.
Strong self-cleaning ability, clean solution.
Large heating surfaces, high thermal efficiency.
Energy saving and environmental protection.
Novel boiler structure, good performance. 

water tube waste heat steam boiler

Industrial water tube boiler manufacturer

ZG Boiler is pride to offer a full range of quality water tube boilers for sale. Natural gas, oil fuels, waste heat, coal, and biomass can be available to our different water tube boiler types. Here you can always find what you need in your project.

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