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The reliance on conventional energy sources can be substantially reduced as ASEAN countries is one of the leading producers of biomass resources in the world. The energy generating capacity of biomass-based CHP plants is comparatively much higher than other alternative energy technologies like solar, wind and geothermal energy.

There is immense potential of biomass energy in ASEAN countries because of plentiful supply of diverse forms of wastes such as agricultural residues, woody biomass, animal wastes, municipal solid waste, etc. ASEAN region is a big producer of wood and agricultural products which, when processed in industries, produces large amounts of biomass residues. According to conservative estimates, the amount of biomass residues generated from sugar, rice and palm oil mills is more than 200-230 million tons per year which corresponds to cogeneration potential of 16-19 GW. Woody biomass is a good energy resource due to presence of large number of forests and wood processing industries in the region.


ZBG Biomass Boiler Supplier for ASEAN Countries


Therefore, there are more and more enterprises using biomass as fuel in the region, such as palm plants, sugar factories, or other plants using biomass boilers for production and power generation. Biomass fired boilers produced by our company contain DZL package biomass boiler, SZL chain grate boiler, biomass CFB boiler, corner tube biomass boiler,etc. Because of advantages of high efficiency and long service life,ZBG biomass boiler has won many praises from customers.

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