25 Tons Coal Fired Boiler Shipped to Australia


chain grate boiler

On November 26, 2018, the 25 tons SZL series chain grate boiler produced by ZBG was shipped to Australia. This project was signed with customers in January this year. ZBG's technology research and development department, production, quality inspection department, project services department and other departments worked together to successfully complete a series of work, such as design, testing, manufacturing, inspection and so on,which ensure the timely delivery of products.

coal fired boiler


25 ton boiler

In the contract, customer have strict requirements for this boiler, emphasizing that its manufacturing process must meet ASME standards, while our company successfully achieved the project cooperation with its strong core technology, first-class product quality and perfect service system. In the next phase of the project, ZBG will continue to closely track to ensure the smooth commissioning and production of equipment, to meet the needs of customers for lean manufacturing power, and help customer create outstanding value.

boiler shipped to Australia

As a pioneer enterprise in the boiler market, ZBG provides boiler systems that are appropriate for use in various industrial applications. Our customers can always find what they needs for their heat or power projects.

25 ton boiler to Australia

25 Tons Coal Fired Boiler Shipped to Australia



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